Automatic tax calculations and payments

WildLines calculates and pays your taxes as you earn, so you’re always up-to-date on your obligations.

Tax Payments with WildLines

Income tax, GST, Medicare, and student loan - we'll calculate and pay all of it as you earn!
No more unexpected tax bills
With WildLines, you no longer have to worry about owing taxes - the money you get in your account is yours to keep!

Automate Medicare, GST & HELP payments
WildLines doesn’t just pay your income tax. We also pay your GST, Medicare, and student loan, every time you get paid!

Returns lodged by expert accountants
As part of the WildLines service, our expert team of accountants also file any tax returns on your behalf - whenever they’re due.


Your WildLines Account

  • When you sign up, we’ll give you your very own WildLines Account.
  • It’s provided our banking partner Monoova, and it’s totally seperate to your normal banking.
  • Your WildLines Account is held in trust in your name, so the money in the account always belongs to you.
  • Your money only stays in the account for a few seconds while we calculate and deduct your taxes, before we pass the rest straight to your personal bank account.