Only pay when you’re earning

Fair pricing. No subscriptions. No contracts.
Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing for contractors and freelancers

Pricing made for you

For just 1% of your independent income, you get full access to the WildLines service, the app, and our team of accountants!

You only pay when you're earning!

Our fee structure involves a 1% +GST charge on income deposited into your WildLines Account.

With this fee, you gain complete access to the WildLines service, free from joining fees or subscription costs. We don't bill you hourly for answering queries, managing expense receipts, or filing tax returns—ensuring you always pay a fair price, only when you're earning.

Here's a breakdown of our pricing:

  • You're charged just $1+ GST for every $100 in self-employed income.
  • The WildLines 1% fee is capped at a maximum of $1,500 per year.
  • If you receive individual payments under $50, a minimum fee of $0.50 per payment applies.
  • We automatically categorize your WildLines fees as a business expense on your behalf.

What you get for just 1% of your self-employed income

Taxes calculated and paid automatically
All your taxes (income tax, GST, Medicare) automatically calculated and paid as you go.
Tax returns filed by expert accountants
As part of the service, our accountants will file all of your returns whenever they’re due.
Raise expenses for instant tax relief
Raise expenses easily - our team of expert accountants will manage them and get you the right tax relief.
Invoice easily & get paid 5x faster
Easily send unlimited invoices in minutes - we'll even chase your late-paying clients.
Easy payment options for your clients
Accept a range of payment options - even credit card payments at no extra cost to you.
Premium support from expert accountants
Our friendly team of accountants are always on-hand to answer your complicated tax questions.